All burning now prohibited on Kenai Peninsula

Effective immediately and continuing until further notice, Alaska State Forester John “Chris” Maisch has prohibited all cooking, warming, signaling fires or any type of fire, on federal, state, private and municipal lands on the Kenai Peninsula Game Management Units 7 and 15. This includes the entire Kenai Peninsula.

In a press release from the Alaska Department of Natural Resources, officials said that past and prevailing weather conditions have caused extremely dry and smoky conditions on the Kenai Peninsula. The Alaska Division of Forestry and the State Forester determined that it is necessary to prohibit the use of all open fires and activities which unduly increase the fire danger.

Also included are the Chugach National Forest lands on the Kenai Peninsula, Kenai Fjords National Park and Kenai National Wildlife Refuge.

The term “open fires” refers to any flame source not immediately extinguishable or controllable and applies to any form of wood or charcoal-based fire, even in established fire rings. Gas grills, backpacking or camp stoves using fuel or compressed canisters which can be regulated and shut off are still permitted for use.

“Wildland fire managers ask visitors and residents to follow the fire prohibitions and prevent additional fire starts,” the press release said. “We all have a hand in a safe fire season.”

Failure to obey this order shall constitute grounds for prosecution pursuant to AS 41.15.140, the press release said.

A map of Game Management Units can be found at: