American voters too smart to fall for Romney’s lies

What a window Mitt Romney provided at the first debate with President Obama into the very mindset that brought us liar loans and toxic mortgages; it showcased the crisis of integrity at the very heart of our financial and political system. 

That Romney could so utterly reverse everything he’s been telling us up practically until the day of the debate and walk away a so-called victor rather than a contemptible liar is absolutely tragic, if that really is the American people’s take.

I don’t believe it can be.

Especially after what we’ve endured this past decade from the Iraq War to financial collapse, I can’t believe we are about to put another liar more bold faced and glib than George Bush back in the White House, someone whose sole business experience is garnered from the cunning perspective of a CEO of a leverage buyout firm.

Really, after the financial collapse of 2008 are we to be found so innocent,
entrusting ourselves with such an opportunist? 

Some of Mitt Romney’s most rewarded financial efforts were founded on putting people out on the street, and look how he now exploits the unemployed for his own political gain. 

 Have you noticed how unabashed lying and Mitt Romney are as “tight as a tick on a dog?”    

I don’t believe the American public is so dumb as to be incapable of discerning Romney’s lying through his teeth as today’s politically mutated banana Republicans, who thrive in the realm of pure lies, are betting on.  

If Romney should win the coming election, what a big lift it would make for them in their attempt to turn us into a full-fledged banana republic, a country by and for corporate head-honchos. 

Post Election Day at the bottom of the heap of squandered prospects and ideals we’ll be found.

That’s not going to happen.

Because it takes the middle to win. Because I don’t believe Romney can spend 99.9 percent of his time traipsing around as a “severe conservative” and show up on debate night a moderate as if he’s always been one. 

Anyone ever notice the bigger Romney’s audience the less he tells the truth? We all have, especially, I’m sure, real Republicans.

There are, I believe, still, some principled ones out there. At heart, they know Romney doesn’t add up. 

That’s why Romney is not going to get away with presiding at a $50,000 a plate meal for his campaign’s benefit and entertain the attending wanabe lords and nobles with cozy talk that 47 percent of Americans are unwilling to take responsibility for their own lives; that he, for all intent and purposes, has discounted them. We all saw and heard what went down. He can’t etchy-sketch that showing up at a national debate proclaiming concern for the 100 percent and expect us to swallow it. 

We all remember, especially after it had gotten out what Mitt had said at that lords and nobles klatch, how — to prove he really had a straight inch to himself, lest he be cast a Mitt Pretzel — he stood by his words, but with the caveat that they were inelegantly put. Which, of course, sent Rush Limbaugh and America’s self-styled royals jumping for joy seemingly over there being a straight inch there? 

Well, placing your right hand on Limbaugh’s Golden Mike and raising your left, which is it, Mitt: the straight inch of a backbone version or the Mitt Pretzel version? 

Ever notice how Mitt’s versions have a half life of sometimes only a minute after he says them?

  As a natural-born anthropologist I’m coming to understand that lying with Mitt, being, as I said, as tight as a tick on a dog, can, really, only be understood as the personification of a quantum mechanical quirk. That basically his length of conviction falls well below Plank’s constant. That is to say, everything Mitt says is fundamentally indeterminate; that a half life of even a half minute of conviction, coming from out of Mitt’s mouth, is pure illusion.

No way are Americans going to deliver the presidency to someone, at core, indeterminate.

The American people will have no Minder behind the scene of the presidency. Mitt in power would be a dream come true for Grover Norquist. Mitt provides the fingers for signing and Grover will phone in the rest.

If the Banana Republican Party were up front, Grover Norquist would be running with Paul Ryan as president and vice president .

The American voter knows that.     

Tim O’Leary is a longtime Homer
resident and observer of the political scene.