Appreciating blessing of Homer life

At first I felt a pang in my stomach when I heard Obama speak of Ronald Reagan as an ally to ban semi-automatic weapons. I spent the summer of ’80 in MCRD, San Diego. President Ronald Reagan was my Commander-in-Chief and if he had given the order to use my rifle to mow down anybody who disagreed with him, whether it was Iranians, communists, hippies or welfare mothers, I would have done so and afterward eaten a hearty meal and slept like a baby. We loved and believed in him that much.
Now in middle age that stone in my chest is more like clay. I never knew “The Great Communicator” wanted any gun restrictions. Of course, Ronnie was on board with the Master Plan. For some reason this makes me think of that ignorant clown on the television who says that if the Africans were allowed to own guns when they first arrived in America they would never have been slaves.
Anyway, is it not just all the shadows of Plato’s cave? The smoke and mirrors? Not many words about the fiscal cliff anymore, although deals are being made and territories being divided behind closed doors somewhere.
And now I realize I need to appreciate my blessings. I’m alive and fortunate enough to live in Homer, Alaska. To live in peace, because life is short. To see that good and beauty still exist in this world. Thank you, Earth Mother
Chris K. Lawry