Banking partners needto rebuild their integrity

Corporate structure appears to lack moral turpitude sufficient to the responsibility of handling hard-earned wages and investments.

We banking customers need to be the conscience of our banking institutions. It is very upsetting that they have been using illegal incentives and practices. We have been violated.

Kudos to Sen. Elizabeth Warren for pursuing this investigation through the Senate Banking Hearing. She did her homework and was prepared.

Five thousand and three hundred employees (working people trying to put food on the table for their families, pay mortgages, and schooling, some of whom undoubtedly are helping support parents and grandchildren) were fired for following directions from their supervisors, while the CEOs are shirking responsibility, have not resigned, and are retaining their “enormous pay packages,” including stock earnings during the eight years of this financial misconduct.

On behalf of Wells Fargo’s criminality and lack of judgment in this unfolding case, I expect a public apology in our local and state papers. This is a first step in rebuilding the integrity we require of our banking partners. Following that, I expect checks and balances to ensure this type of dishonesty and corruption does not continue.

Deborah Poore