Brother Asaiah still warms Homer

Today, our mayor has again proclaimed Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14, to be Brother Asaiah Day.
Asaiah sent hundreds of love letters through this paper to our “Beautiful citizens dancing upon the wheel of destiny here in our gorgeous cosmic hamlet by the sea.”
His letters were compassionate, kind and appealing to
the courageous soul within each of us … to think.
“Above all and within all, Stay in Love. Be kind to one another. Be thankful, so thankful, and have compassion for all things. You are great souls of light in this flow of life. We are blessed beyond imagination to live, work and carry out the creative process in this positively charged emanation of energy and light, this glorious Garden of Eden.”
And who is this poet who catches and expresses the wonder of our Homer community? None other than our dear Brother Asaiah, who left his body in 2000, and whose spirit
still warms our hearts in the darkest, ice-bound days.
Martha Ellen Anderson
Author of the book and Kindle-book,
“Brother Asaiah”