Candidates answer non controversial questions

Republican Party candidates also answered some short, noncontroversial questions in the Homer Public Library Debate on Friday, Aug. 5. Here are answers by John Cox, Paul Seaton and Beth Wythe


Question: What was the last book you read and what newspapers do you read?


Cox: I really don’t have a lot of time to read books. As a business owner owning two businesses, I read everything from the extreme left to the extreme right. You have to filter out all the garbage in between to figure out what’s going on. To actually sit there and say, I read the Anchorage Daily News, that’s a little partisan. I don’t read that stuff.


Seaton: I read the Homer News and Peninsula Clarion, and the ADN. … “Drive” (“Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us,” by Daniel Pink) was probably the last book I was reading and I certainly enjoyed it.


Wythe: I read the Anchorage Daily News bulletins on line and the homer news articles. … I don’t have a lot of free reading time . I spend a lot of time focusing biblically. When you have free time, that’s where I spend it when you’re a faith-based person.”


Q: Who’s your personal hero? What are your personal interests?


Cox: Of course my parents. … God, of course. One of the mistakes I made in life was waiting too long to become a Christian.

Personal interests? I love body building, I love teaching martial arts to children. .. I love playing the guitar. I just enjoy life all together, just sitting on the porch watching the river go by.


Wythe: Jesus Christ, thank you for the salvation of my soul. In my free time I love spending free time with my family. My in-laws have a cabin across the bay. … We go across the bay, just relaxing.


Paul: In the political realm, Jay Hammond. So much he did for this state.

I used to be a lapidary, a rock hound. That’s what first brought me to Alaska. I still have an interest in education, early childhood education.


Q: How many countries have you visited? Do you speak other languages?


Wythe: I don’t speak other languages.. I have traveled across the U.S., through Canada, to Mexico, have been to Australia and Italy via Germany


Seaton: I was terrible in college languages. The only thing I got a D on was second semester of German. …

I’ve visited Australia, the Middle East, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Fiji, Central America. … Canada, Mexico.


Cox: I speak Spanish. Travel? I’ve been around the world twice, the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, Europe. Central America.


Q: What is your favorite book?


Seaton: My most favorite book is the one I read to my granddaughter, “Where the Wild Things Are>”


Cox: No answer.


Wythe: My favorite book, if I have time to read, it’s developing my wisdom with the Lord.