Chapman students pen letters to Santa

’Tis the time of the season when children take stock of the year and weigh the good they have done against the mischief they have managed to see if they qualify for presents from Santa Claus.

Chapman’s kindergarten, first, second and third grade students wrote letters to the red-suited, cookie-eating man, hoping for the gifts they have dreamt of all year. Some lists are long, while others are modest, while others may even include bribes. If you see Santa, put in a good word for these hopeful kids.


Mrs. Gardner’s second/third

grade class

Dear Santa,

I have been nice this year. Anyways how are you and your reindeer? Can I have an RC 6 Wheeler that goes really fast. And can I have a RC Hover Craft that drives on snow, ice, grass and water. And I would like a Fast and Furious car that can go on ice, grass and on dirt and water.

Sincerely, Jeremey



Dear Santa,

I have been very good. Hope you have a Merry Christmas. I want Pokemon Cards, Pokemon Balls, and a Merry Christmas. You’re the best Santa. Thank you very much. And can you say thank you to your elves for me. Thanks!

Love, Codilyn



Dear Santa,

I have been good this year. I hope you can make it. How are your elves? For Christmas I want a Play Station 4. I hope you can get me that this year. Thank you.

Sincerely, Peyton



Dear Santa,

I was a little nice and mean and we will give you cookies and milk. You are the nicest man in the whole wide world. I hope you come and give us presents. Your reindeer are so cute. You live in the North Pole where it is cold. All in all, you are the nic-est.

Love, Immi



Dear Santa,

I love you. I have been naughty this year but I still want Pokemon and a remote car.

Love, Miles



Dear Santa,

I’ve been nice Santa. Thank you for giving me presents. Can I please have an iPad Santa and computer? What I really want is a pin of you Santa. Can I please have a new dress?

Love, Alana


Dear Santa,

How are you doing? I want an Amulet Seven please.

Sincerely, Zayne



Dear Santa,

How are you? Could I please have a Lego Train and a Lego Shark. I have been a good boy.

Love, Doza



Dear Santa,

I have been good. I wish for a pool, a pony, a bike, a Barbie Life Dream House, a Barbie. I am ready for you to come.

Love, Megan



Dear Santa,

I think I have been mostly good this year. I want a Minecraft for Christmas.

Sincerely, Christopher



Dear Santa,

I have been good and a little bad but I have made it up. I am doing good at school and doing kind things too. This is what I want for Christmas: a white board, and blue and lime green pillows.

Sincerely, Alysha

P.S. I will leave you lots of cookies.



Dear Santa,

How are you doing this Christmas? I have been good this year. Some of the things on my Christmas list are: a four-wheeler, a pig, a remote control helly, a sled, and an Xbox or Play Station.

From, Carter



Dear Santa,

How are you doing? Can I have a giant shark and a guinea pig and a hamster for a pet. And a robot with shark mouth and Sesbo Bot with a shark and a Dragon Attack game and tons of transformers.

Sincerely, Alex

Mrs. Woodhead’s first grade class

Dear Santa,

I would like for Christmas all you can find that is Niue Turtle stuff. I love Niue Turtle toys. I love you Santa Claus.

Love, Lucy



Dear Santa,

I’ve been good this year. My sister and I like playing video games. It is fun for Christmas. I want Minecraft pocket edition, Pokemom cards and a black lab puppy.

Love, Kiano


Dear Santa,

I love you and I would like a toy cat and a toy dog.

Love, Willow


Dear Santa,

How are you? Could I please have a Lego Steam Town and a Lego Shark. Also, one piece of dynamite. Merry Christmas Santa!

Love, Doza


Dear Santa,

I am a good girl. I want a dog toy. I want a Barbie house. I want a Tony Cerabee. I want you to have a safe flight. I want you to have a good flight. I want you to see everyone. I like you Santa. I like your reindeer.

Love, Jadeyn


Dear Santa,

I’m a good girl. How are you doing and Mrs. Claus? For Christmas I would like a cooking set, a BB gun, a phone, and some hair dye for my hair please. I would also like some clothes, and snow pants, and some books to read please. And an Xbox.

Love, Nevaeh


Dear Santa,

How do you carry all the presents? Could you bring an army men tube? Have a Merry Christmas.

Love, Dawson


Dear Santa, What I want for Christmas is a GPS. Next, I want a big huge Pokemon pack. Then I want a Nerf gun. Last I want a kitten. Have a Merry Christmas.

Love, Landyn


Dear Santa,

I want a Pokemon Pack with EX.

Love, Charles


Dear Santa,

I want gum and Chapstick and furry boots.

Love, Emma


Dear Santa,

How are you doing? This Christmas I want a Nerf gun and a spy car.

Love, Jaxon


Dear Santa,

Here’s a few things I would like for Christmas. I would like 3 pack of gum and a deck of Pokemons and Pokemon toy, some Chapstick and a toy cat.

Love, Lily


Dear Santa,

Hey Santa, how are you? I would like a Nerf Gun and a remote control RC car. Merry Christmas Santa.

Love, Jackson


Dear Santa,

I was being a good boy and happy flying. I would like a dog and a set of army men please Santa. Merry Christmas Santa!

Love, Luke


Dear Santa,

How is Rudolph? Can I please have a Barbie house and a Elsa bike, an iPad and an American Girl doll please. Wish you luck.

Love, Kayden


Dear Santa,

I hope today you had a very great week. I would like a Lego Mario set and an Air War and a Minecraft Mario and

watermelon gum. I hope you have a great trip. Merry Christmas.

Love, William


Dear Santa,

I would like a Barbie house with a living room, and a bathroom, and an elevator, and bedroom, and a garage with three

Barbies and a magic door. XXXOOOXXXOOOX

Love, Josie


Mrs. Stokes’ kindergarten class’ wish lists:

1. Blocks

2. Scooter

3. Dog

4. Tent Castle

5. Duck

Love, Rhylie


1. Rhino Charger

2. Power Ranger

3. Trampoline

4. Legos

Love, Sebaastin


1. Blocks

2. Legos

3. Remote Control

4. Steam Train

5. Pokemon Cards

Love, Jaydren


1. Robot

2. Wheeler

3. Car

4. Airplane

5. The Motorcycle

6. Toy Remote Control Car

Love, Damian


1. I want baby cats

2. A remote control excavator

3. Baby dogs

4. Lego Scorpion

5. Lego Iron Man

6. Lego Hulk

Love, Ben


1. I want a cat

2. A Bunny

3. My own Christmas Tree

4. A robot

5. My own eraser

6. Race Car

7. Race Car Track

Love, Conner

1. I Want A Remote

Control Car

2. And A Robot

Love, Aiden


1. I would like a battery

2. Necklace

3. Car

4. Scooter—Brace—Jewelry

5. Pokemon Pikachu

6. Playground

7. Tweety Bird

Love, Brielle


1. Robot

2. Blocks

3. Train

4. Robot Seeker

5. Two cats

6. Telescope

Love, Matthew


1. Scooter

2. A thing to ride on

3. A cat—toy one

4. A cat watch

Love, Chloe


1. Tent Castle

2. Tent

3. Pony

4. Toy

5. Toy Pots and Pans

6. Castle

Love, Shelby


1. Lego Nights Set

2. Spiderman Legos for my baby brother Tommy

Love, Brandon


1. My brother wants a dump truck

2. And my brother wants magnet blocks

3. My mom wants a necklace

4. My dad wants a knife

I wrote this for my brother, mom and dad.

Love, Kayleigh


1. I want a pet shark

2. Pet cats

3. Lots of Pokemon Cards

4. Iron Man

5. Lots and lots of Legos

6. A little car—that car I want is a remote control

7. Four wheeler

8. Piano

Love, Martin