Coast Guard cleans wreckage of sunken vessel in Cook Inlet

It is unclear when the wreckage of the F/V Six will be pulled out of Cook Inlet, however a U.S. Coast Guard-led team cleared the vessel of any remaining oil-based pollutants on Tuesday.

While there was a sheen on the water, there were no fuel or oil-based products left in the vessel’s tanks by the time the team reached the boat, said Federal On Scene Coordinator Representative Jonathan Alexander, a Marine Science Technician with the Coast Guard.

It is unclear whether contaminants had leaked into the inlet while the vessel was submerged, he said.

The F/V Six — formerly identified in August by Coast Guard Petty Officer 1st Class Sara Mooers as the “F/V Fix” — capsized near the mouth of the Kenai River Aug. 21, and with each tug of the tide has been dragged more than two miles along the shoreline between Kenai and Kalifornsky Beach.

Alexander said he had seen the ship identified as the F/V Fix in early reports, but all Coast Guard documentation now showed it to be the F/V Six.