Council members should resign

Just a thought on the recent recall effort of the Homer City Council members that is now resulting in a special election. I have read both sides of the issue and wanted to chime in. It’s interesting that myself looking at the email chain and somebody on the differing side of the issue have such a wide divide. To me, it shows that there was a personal motive for this initially being brought up.

That Ms. Reynolds started out asking for an out-of-state group to provide a template to use for Sanctuary City status and then finding out there was already something in the works by a non city council person says a lot. Let somebody get that language out there that doesn’t have a city code of ethics and has sworn to do the job of constituents instead. All three of you sponsored the original document as evidenced on the copy shared in Homer Communications. The thing is, you aren’t representing all of your constituents, are you?

You, instead, are pushing a personal, statewide and nationwide agenda instead of doing the job that you initially were picked for and that’s the business of Homer. Homer, not North Dakota, not the office of President, but HOMER. You are following a playbook that has been introduced on how to force a progressive agenda. So, doing all that, you divided this town and have made a laughing stock of Homer and already people are losing business because of it.

And, that’s only for starters. If you REALLY cared about the city as a whole and every one of its citizens, you would resign your positions and move on to promoting your personal agenda in another forum. Save the city money and hope that people that come to Homer will again come because of it.