Deadline approaches to sign up for Affordable Care insurance

I encourage everyone to sign up for the Affordable Care Act. It is great. The act has made the insurance companies be accountable to everyone equally. They can no longer get away with their tricks.

They have to cover 100 percent of  the cost of a physical right away to find out baseline data on your health. After that they will cover all or most of any medical bills you incur (depending on which coverage you choose). People with a higher income have to pay more for coverage than those that live on a small income, but everyone will get their money’s worth because the insurance companies cover more and are being reliable. They cannot turn anyone away for a pre-existing condition. 

It has been difficult to sign up on line or by telephone but now there are people at SVT clinic, Family Planning, and the hospital who will help you sign up and find the best deal for you in only about an hour of your time.   

The deadline to sign up this year is just days away — Monday, March 31. After that you will have to wait until next year. 

We have been waiting for this for a long time.  In most countries in the world people pay taxes and they get free health coverage. In the USA many of us have been uninsured or have had a very difficult time collecting from the  insurance companies when we have paid for coverage. If we do not support the Affordable Care Act now, it might go away. I encourage everyone to sign up now.

Olga von Ziegesar