Does council really know best?

Did I hear right last week? Our city council proposes to rescind the sales tax holiday through ordinance. Wow, I guess the will of the public is best served by the infinite wisdom of our council to know all of what is best for us.
Of course if you can obligate all city land owners to a 12 mill plus financial obligation and at your discretion and decide how much opposition will be deemed relevant, I guess the measly sales tax revenue dollar amount should be taken in stride by the public.
We certainly would not want to put it to a vote of the people and jeopardize the will of the council, again. I guess the council has intimate knowledge of our financial capabilities.
I do not believe the gasline project is reasonable to complete in the two-year window allowed. I have not heard what the city has as a contingency for that possibility. I guess never mind, we can always adjust the assessments to accommodate the budget, as has been done in the past.
The city administration and council just says “trust us.” Do you ever wonder why the attitude of many is “Why vote? They will do what they want anyway.”
Ted Schmidt