Farmers’ Market



This summer has been a good one. The warmth we experienced that lasted for months rather than moments left its mark on the size and quantity of produce down at the Homer Farmers’ Market. Recently we have had more rain, but thankfully not the horrendous wind storms that tend to shred the farmers’ tents.   

Despite the good weather, the Market has to close for the season at some point.

This Saturday will be the last official Homer Farmers Market of the year.  I say “official” because there are still weekends well into winter that will have hearty produce vendors “unofficially” selling at the Market site.

“Officially” open means that the Market has paid staff to swipe your debit or Quest card. The front information booth will have posters, stickers and T-shirts to buy.  Kayla will still be coordinating the Kids Activities. This is the last weekend for all that.

It also is the last weekend to buy Turkey Raffle tickets to win a Thanksgiving dinner complete with turkey and trimmings. As a matter of a fact, you will have to buy them early because the drawing for the winner will happen after lunch.

As has become the tradition, this last weekend in September also is the time for the Harvest Meal. Since the Farmers’ Market is such an icon of all the best community activities, it is only fitting to have a huge potluck at noon and sit down and eat with the community. Bring bread, a side dish or dessert, and enjoy a hot bowl of Farmers’ Market stew with friends.

While you’re there, browse the booths for the last time to get that necklace you’ve been eyeing or some of those pickles. Maybe you just need a soup bag for a quick dinner or a bunch of cabbage and daikon radishes for your kimchi.  Maybe you just need worms for your worm bin. Officially, it is still hopping at the Market.

So head on down to Ocean Drive between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. Saturday for the last “official” market of the season to get a good taste of what our community can do.

Kyra Wagner is the director of Sustainable Homer and the Homer Farmers’ Market’s biggest fan.