Foundation’s grant: perfect timing

As the season turns and winter appears on the wane, many of us outdoor types have begun to shed our winter sports gear in favor of lighter weight clothes as spring and, with it, the running season arrives. 

The Kachemak Bay Running Club looks forward to its annual membership meeting at the end of this week —  5:30 p.m. Friday, March 28, at the Beluga Lake Lodge, kicking off the meeting with a 2.5-mile fun run. 

At this year’s get-together we will be unveiling our new electronic timing chip system, purchased with generous grant support by the Homer Foundation. As 200-300+ runners now participate in each of the two most popular KBRC -sponsored events (The Migration Run, to be held May 11 and The Spit Run,  June 28) the time keeping demands for race volunteers has become  increasingly burdensome.  Past feedback received from our timing crew has run in a fairly narrow spectrum, ranging from “what a drag” to “never again.” To those unheralded volunteers, let me say that at KBRC we always have a good time, but better times are ahead. Thanks again to the Homer Foundation for a grant that will make race timing for Homer runners streamlined, highly accurate and volunteer friendly. 

Randy Wiest 

Kachemak Bay Running Club Board