Grant helps children’s garden grow

We would like to extend our sincere thanks to the Homer Farmers Market for choosing Smallpond Childcare as a grant recipient. Through the generosity of the Farmers Market, we’ve been able to construct a magical space for our young community. The garden has exceeded our expectations as a space for learning, playing and growing.  

We have always gardened with the children at Smallpond to some degree but our success from year to year has been spotty.  Not having a designated area or appropriate fencing left our plot vulnerable to moose as well as our free range chickens and the “helpful” and often random digging of toddlers.  

With this grant we were able to create a garden that is welcoming and accessible to children, but set aside from the regular play space. We constructed raised beds that allow for easier access and mitigate unintentional trampling by little feet.

Regardless of our late planting, we managed to grow enough broccoli, green beans, carrots, potatoes, cabbage and beets to keep the children snacking and munching right through September.

We’ve buttoned up our garden in anticipation of winter, and with this comes the planning and dreaming for next spring.  We look forward to sharing our new space with a larger community of children and collaborating with local nonprofits to increase access to our children’s garden.  

Thank you.

Susannah Webster and Matt Strobel

Owners, Smallpond Childcare

and Ponderosa Preschool