HEA family expresses thanks

We are overwhelmed with gratitude. To say thank you doesn’t do justice to the appreciation we feel. I know we couldn’t possibly name everyone given how many people stepped up and helped us, but please know we greatly love and appreciate each and every one of you. 

We want to extend our deepest gratitude to Donny Jansen and Jesse Cress, we will be forever grateful for the steps you took in saving Jake’s life. What you did will never be forgotten. Mary Stover, thank you so much for taking  care of the boys the night I got the call and all you did while we were gone.   

My father and mother in-law, Ralph and Jackie Adams, for all of their help with our kids and getting us our belongings. Krista Ketchersid, thank you for helping with the boys and all the work you did around the house. Uncle Bob Mullen, Michael Drake, David Drake, Julie Kinder, Sherree Drake, Carol Clark, Jasmine Woodhead — thank you all for all the help and work you did for us. From taking care of our wood supply and woodstove, running errands, cooking meals and taking care of our kids — you all made this difficult situation much easier. My mom, Helen Drake, who flew down to take care of our boys when we had to fly back to Seattle. All of the flowers, balloons and treats from so many of our wonderful friends — the staff at Chapman School, Eric, Mackenzie and Natalie Hinsberger,  HEA, Grant and Krista, Bill and Marty. The IBEW 1547, all of my husbands’ co-workers and friends at HEA in Homer and Kenai — you’ve truly defined the meaning of your “brotherhood” and it is amazing. We are so lucky to have you all. 

From the bottom of our hearts we thank you. 

Jacob and Heidi Adams