Here’s what making a difference can look like in our community

A few years ago, I sat down beside Lisa Zatz at a Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies meeting. She and her husband Daniel were facing a decision: shall they buy a home or a camera. Now women, how many of you faced with that decision would buy a camera. No one?

But that is what Lisa and Daniel did.

Now Daniel is famous for his video camera, and has made enough money to be able to give some of it back to his community. He sees that, like Brother Asaiah forecast, if we don’t have to go to war, there are many other ways we can “pay it back.” In peace time, with limited state financing, he realized it is up to us locally to make things happen.

Daniel is the spirt and mastermind of the new SPARC (South Peninsula Athletic and Recreation Center). Guys and gals can hardly wait to get in on the act — adding more money, time, enthusiasm and camaraderie every day. Kinda like the old-fashioned Midwest barn raising.

What motivated this enthusiastic push in a significant direction? You guessed it: Daniel’s 11-year-old son. He wants his son to be able to play soccer, right here in Homer, in the middle of winter sleet, snow or rain.

Are others eager to jump in on the act? You betcha. Just working together to make the building happen is already expanding good will and enthusiasm for indoor winter sports.

Kinda like when Brother Asaiah inspired us to love our neighbors. Remember? It is happening now.

MarthaEllen Anderson