Homer Flex Phoenix Award winner: David Young

Homer Flex School recently released its recipient of the Flex Phoenix Award for January — David Young.

Each month, the school staff pick a student to receive the Homer Flex Phoenix Award based on their embodiment of the school’s values: respect, ownership and productivity.

“Senior David Young is an important part of the Flex community,” school staff wrote in a press release. “He leads by quiet example and has worked to become a role model for his peers. David has shown a lot of growth this year with regard to taking ownership over his academic success. Once a student who was always late to class without a pencil, he is now the student who is on time, prepared and ready to learn. He is a shining example of someone who sets a goal and then works hard to achieve it. He has come out of his shell and is friendly, outgoing, helpful, witty and very funny. David’s strong dedication to recognizing equity and diversity is an important part of the education of his fellow Flex students and the staff.”