Homer Flex School April Phoenix Award recipient: Angel Alavazo

Each month, the school staff choose a student to receive the Homer Flex Phoenix Award based on their embodiment of the school’s core values: respect, productivity, and ownership.

Senior Angel Alavazo brings positivity and a great attitude to our school each day. He works hard in class, asks questions if he does not understand, and works well with everyone. Angel stays busy balancing school, family and work obligations, but is always willing to stop and lend a hand —you can tell he comes from a big family and knows how to be part of a community. He is friendly, upbeat, kind and personable to everyone in the Flex Family. Angel is graduating this year, and his Aloha Spirit will truly be missed.

Information submitted by Homer Flex. Note: The student is chosen at the end of each month, so the date of the award is behind the date of the current paper.