Homer hijacked by Agenda 21

How many people in Homer, Alaska, know about Agenda 21? It is being implemented as a “test pilot” in Homer. What does this mean? How it will affect the community. A “test pilot” area for Agenda 21. Are we just lab rats? Why the push for natural gas when it’s running out?
How long ago was it Homer’s government decided we needed a Global Warming Task Force?
But, even after intense study, can they actually tell us what the climate is going to do? Did we need to buy a task force to tell us our climate is changing? Can’t we all see it for ourselves … and anyway, so what? What can humans do about climate change? Stop breathing?
Obviously we couldn’t stop Fukushima or the Gulf Oil Spill. These, of course, are “man-made accidents” that have caused drastic climate changes in every form (air, land, sea). So we want to spend our money on the “study” of climate change? Global warming? That spare change could have gone into the reparation of the main road through town — Pioneer Avenue.
Who pocketed that funding? We can all see the Sterling Highway is eroding into the ocean.
Use the money to fix that. We all read about the recent ships sinking in our harbors, leaving hazardous toxins in the ocean. Use the money to clean that up. And what about the drilling rig that’s run amuck in the Kodiak area? Probably shouldn’t mention the buccaneer that’s stuck in our bay for God only knows how long.
The Mayor’s Climate Protection Agreement, International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives’ (ICLEI), was signed by these five Alaska member mayors: Anchorage, Homer, Fairbanks, Kodiak and Juneau. It’s under disguise of “Local Governments for Sustainability.” Homer’s goal is: “Homer, AK estimates that a 25 percent energy efficiency gain in city buildings will equal $43,398 in annual savings at current energy prices.”
Wow, big savings there, governor. What about the rest of us? Are we invisible?
“The Agenda That Wasn’t Really There” is the main strategy being used to push through the very real and dangerous Agenda 21 through villages, towns and cities. The inhabitants of some 1,200 cities — 600 of them American — do not even know they’ve been hijacked by the United Nations Agenda 21.
Maka Fairman