Homer supports young learners

I want to thank the Homer community for being so welcoming and encouraging of early childhood education. Currently at Kachemak Kids Early Learning Center we have members from all over the community volunteering their time to enhance the growth of our preschool and toddler programs. I want to thank Claudia Haines from the Homer Public Library for coming over to KKELC every other Thursday to read and bring her book bag full of exciting books and puppets.
Many thanks from KKELC is passed on to Charles Aguilar, one of our teachers and also a member of the Homer Ukulele Group; he spends every day with the children singing songs and dancing with his ukulele.
Kristi Lewis, our preschool teacher, runs a gymnastics program twice a week with our toddlers, preschoolers and our after-school program. We are fortunate to have had our gymnastics bars, mats, barrel, steps and wedges donated to us from a local community member, Cat Haber.
Kachemak Kids Early Learning Center is dedicated to the growth and development of early learners and as a non-profit, we could not provide the programs we do, if we didn’t have such a strong community to support us.
Hanna Johnson
Executive director
Kachemak Kids Early Learning Center