KESA board members needed

After any number of delays, the new fire hall for Kachemak Emergency Services will be built this summer on the site off Diamond Ridge Road. The administration says KESA will move in, in September. Until then, some of the KESA equipment for the west side will continue to respond from the Sterling Highway near DOT along with equipment from the Headquarters Station on East End Road.

Recently there have been ads in the paper for one of the two open seats, B and D, on the service area board. At this time the board is functioning with only three active members, of what should be a five-member board. If one member cannot make a meeting, there is no meeting.  

Surely there are two of you out there, who live in the service area, who are willing to give up one evening a month to meet, review the functioning of the department, the equipment, the buildings and most importantly, the budget.  Per borough code 16.20.090: “The Board of Directors of the Service Area, shall advise the Mayor and Assembly concerning the administration and operation of the Kachemak Emergency Service Area.”

It is really important that those of us who benefit from the service area, be involved in the decisions of providing the services as desired by the voters.

Until now, the board has  met  at the McNeil Station. At a member request, the meetings will alternate starting in May, with that meeting scheduled to take place at the Borough Annex in downtown Homer. The June meeting will be at McNeil, and so forth. Once the new building is up, meetings will be held there every other month. Meetings are the second Thursday of each month at 7 p.m.

Please think about this, and please consider submitting your application for one of these two seats (Seats B or D).  

Applications are available at the Borough Annex, 206 E. Pioneer Avenue., or on the Borough Web Page, at


Kachemak Emergency Service Area 

Board of Directors

Mike Petersen, board chair, seat  C

Milli Martin, vice chair, seat A

Matt Schneyer, secretary, seat E