Krause elected to AAMC Executive Board

Renee Krause, deputy city clerk for the City of Homer, was recently elected as the treasurer of the Alaska Association of Municipal Clerks Executive Board and will serve through November 2023. Krause has chaired the elections committee since 2015 and has served on various committees throughout her time with the organization.

“I look forward to the position on the executive board and the experience,” Krause said. “It provides a sense of responsibility and confidence that the members felt that I would be quite capable of carrying the torch on. It’s kind of neat.”

Krause has been a deputy city clerk for almost 15 years and is currently the ADA coordinator and records manager for the city. She also serves as the clerk for the Planning Commission and Parks & Rec Commission.

Originally from Florida, Krause has a background in business law and contract management, which helps her understand how to efficiently carry out her tasks as deputy city clerk, including drafting ordinances and resolutions, handling bids and conducting research related to the city’s history.

“I facilitate information for the public,” Krause summarized.

After several years of involvement with the association, Krause said Homer city clerk Melissa Jacobsen encouraged her to take on more leadership positions within the organization as a chance to grow professionally and personally.

“I think it’s a confidence booster and helps promote critical thinking,” Jacobsen wrote in an email to Homer News. “In this role she’ll lead the finance committee and work with them in making some challenging decisions on how best to use our funds for educational opportunities, scholarships for clerks to attend trainings, and annual conference planning. A person can learn a lot serving in this capacity and also build great relationships with other municipal clerks.”

While Krause said running for treasurer was “out of (her) comfort zone,” she’s excited to take on the many new responsibilities on top of her duties to Homer as she begins managing the finances for the clerks’ association.

According to a press release from the Alaska Association of Municipal Clerks, the “organization works to provide continuing education, to promote professionalism in the office of the municipal clerk, to foster relationships among clerks throughout the state, and to support sound local government.”

The Alaska Association of Municipal Clerks was established in 1965 and has continued to provide clerks with educational training and experiences to help them better serve their municipalities.

“We are a nonprofit organization, and we are bringing unity and information, education to clerks,” Krause said of the clerks association. “We encourage the education part and working in partnerships and networking. … Through our trainings, we develop good connections and we have mentor programs and committees to help anyone who is new in the clerk world to have a better hold on their job and support.”

“We can solve the world’s problems — just let the clerks have them,” Krause continued.

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