Lessons in pizza

Give kids a pizza and they’ve got a meal. Teach them to make a pizza and they can run a business. That was Ross and Carol Cameron’s approach when Girl Scout Troop 211, as well as a few family members and friends from Anchor Point’s Chapman School and Connections program, visited Rosco’s Pizza in Ninilchik in November. “They showed the business from sanitation to serving, preparing to making and mixing pizza, the whole food industry business,” said Scout Leader Gibby Bachiochi. “They did a fantastic job. They’re fantastic, both of them.” Front row from left: Kaytlyn MacAnnely, Brooke Shafer, Russell Nyvall, Alysha Nyvall, Charity Hearly, Joy Hearly and Ross Cameron. Back row from left: John Hearly, Sophie Ellison, Dana Bachiochi, Kaasha Bice, Kayla Francis, Melissa Baxter, Llana Bice, Faith and Hope Hearly, Kylie Cortez, Gibby Bachiochi and Carol Cameron.