Leash and control your dogs

I live in a new subdivision in Homer, Canyon Trails. Many people seem to not be aware that Canyon Trails is within the city limits of Homer, and therefore all city ordinances are in force here. This includes the dog leash law. While walking my small dog today, on leash, two large black dogs chased me and terrified me by circling us and slamming my legs. The sight of two 70-pound dogs coming at me at full speed made my heart race. It was terrifying. The owner was a quarter mile away, in her car, calling to her dogs with no control. Anything could have happened.

I will carry bear spray on my walks now and Animal Control has asked me to get license plate numbers of vehicles with dogs off leash. I ask anyone coming to Canyon Trails, just as anywhere in Homer, to keep their dogs on leash.

Joan M. Frederick

Many Showed up for march

Thank you Homer community.

Once again, We came together to provide time, ideas and enthusiasm in support of Women’s rights.

The Homer community donated food, supplies, work spaces, Facebook shares, and an uncountable amount of volunteer hours in order to create an opportunity to have our collective voices be heard.

Most importantly, We. Showed. Up.

There is no “We”, without you.

We participated in the 2018 Women’s March on Homer with our friends, our coworkers, our partners, our children, our signs, our cold hands and colder feet and of course, our dogs, in order to have our voices heard.

Seven-hundred strong. That’s the “as close as we could count” number of women, men and children from our Homer community who showed up in advocacy of positive change.

We united in spirit. We stood together with our uniquely different reasons for marching on a cold Saturday morning and became joined as one in our belief that Women’s rights are human rights.

The organizing committee would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Because of you, we enjoyed another day of peaceful celebration.

Proudly, and in unison … Our voices were heard.

Sandra Garity Women’s March on Homer 2018 Committee

More will be happier when most benefit from government

Gerrymandering shoots a hole in democracy. Why is it legal to discriminate against, in this case, Democrats, who are at least half the population?

I spoke to a Republican a few years ago who didn’t care about what most of the people wanted, as long as his party wins, whether it’s above board or not. He argued that we live in a republic, not a democracy.

There are people who don’t care about democracy. They only want to push their agenda. That’s the kind of thing we need to guard against.

I don’t listen to Republican propaganda so I don’t have a broader view, admittedly. I’m sure Democrats would take advantage of gerrymandering if they could. Either way, it’s an unfair glitch in our system and should be eliminated. When we see something wrong we should fix it.

I also think the Electoral College should be eliminated. We count the votes. Let all the votes count.

When most of the people benefit from the workings of government, and justice prevails, everyone will be happier. When others are unhappy, that diminishes our own happiness.

Lela Ryterski

Foundation supports brochure

The Friends of Kachemak Bay State Park-Water Trail Committee wishes to thank the Homer Foundation and the Jenson Fund for supporting our effort to edit, update and print the 2017 version of the popular Kachemak Bay Water Trail brochure with map. The brochure identifies water trail sites, State Park trailheads and associated amenities. It is utilized by visitors and locals alike to help plan their “Adventures Beyond The End of the Road.” The brochure is distributed by the Homer Chamber of Commerce and the Islands and Ocean Visitor Center. Copies can be found at the big rock marking the Water Trail launch site by the fishing hole on the Spit. The Homer Foundation’s wide-ranging support of community projects benefits all of us and is greatly appreciated. Thank You Homer Foundation!


Dave Brann, Robert Archibald and Mako Haggerty

Friends of Kachemak Bay State Park

Kachemak Bay Water Trail Committee

Thanks for ski Team support

The Homer Mariner Cross-county Ski Team would like to thank the following businesses for their donations that made our soup lunch fundraiser at the Besh Cup races a great success. Thank you to Two Sisters Bakery, Latitude 59, K-Bay Cafe and Safeway. Everyone enjoyed having a warm lunch.

Amy Stonorov for the The Homer Mariner Ski Team

Homer Foundation, others support Kenai Peninsula Orchestra

In creating the annual financial reports for the Kenai Peninsula Orchestra, I am noticing how much support we have gotten from Homer. The orchestra itself, and its subsidiary Homer youth activities, Homer Youth String Orchestra Club (HYSOC) and Paul Banks Preludes, are so gratified by the support of this community. The support, physical and financial, of individuals, businesses, corporations, service clubs and foundations are what enable us to provide orchestral music and education to the Kenai Peninsula.

We are especially grateful for the support of the Homer Foundation in our initial purchase of violins for our Preludes program in 2016, for their support of the Blue Ice video project of the HYSOC players in the summer of 2017 using funds from the KLEPS and Willow Funds, and for the granting of the $250 People’s Choice Award to Preludes at their annual meeting in November of 2017. The support and encouragement given us by Joy Steward and the Homer Foundation board has been invaluable as we strive to present orchestral music for the enjoyment of players and listeners, and to promote the learning of playing violin as an educational enhancement tool.

Thank you, Homer, individually and collectively.

Linda Reinhart

Treasurer, Kenai Peninsula Orchestra

A DeStig Cinema Series thank you

To all of the community members that came out and participated in the first film in our series, “Benny &Joon,” and lent their voices to the discussion about the destigmatization of substance use diseases, developmental disabilities, and mental illness. The positive conversation and an entertaining movie made for an enjoyable evening. Attendees gained an appreciation of the power of the word “is,” tossed some brains around (had to be there), and explored some of the Hollywood myths and realities that make up movies.

We hope to see even more of you at our second film, “Lars and the Real Girl,” screening at 6:30 p.m. Feb. 22 at the Homer Theatre. And like every movie in the series, it is completely free to all members of the community.

Thanks again!

Jay Bechtol, for South Peninsula Behavioral Health Services

Salon Series is a hit

Once again we had a multitude of great social, event options last weekend; Derek and I chose to attend Short Stories on Heated Moments, second in the Salon Series at Homer Council on the Arts.

Hannah Heimbuch had pulled together a cast of five brave souls. Renee, Jamie, Kirby, Theodore and Hannah related a tale of a pivotal moment in their lives — performed “Moth” style — live, onstage, without a script.

Each speaker had tapped in to a place of vulnerability, and strength, to share with humor and self-compassion moments that might otherwise be too embarrassing to share. It was a thoroughly engaging, interesting and enjoyable evening. I wasn’t familiar with the format, but found it worked very well — each performance was followed by a break that provided time for the people in the “salon” to mingle, discuss the performance, eat some food or refresh their beverage.

Thank you to the cast and to Homer Council on the Arts for offering fresh and interesting events. I look forward to the third version of Salon Series.

P.s. in researching the name of the event I discovered that videos of the performances are on HCoA’s Facebook page.

Catriona Reynolds