Love is love no matter who you are

We would like to thank all our family and friends who showed their support for us when we finalized our love and commitment to one another in marriage. We had an awesome ceremony up at the Baycrest Overlook during our lunch break, on what turned out to be a beautiful day.

We also would like to thank all those who wanted to come but could not due to other commitments. You were definitely in our hearts.

And we would like to apologize to those who did not know about our ceremony, but it was literally a “shotgun wedding” to make sure that politics did not stop the process once again.

Also, a huge thank you to editor, Lori Evans, for sending a wonderful reporter, McKibben Jackinsky, who did a delightful job in showing that love is love no matter who you are.

Most of all, thank you to the state of Alaska for letting us make a little state history. We also were blessed to visit and congratulate another couple the next evening after they were united in marriage by their love and commitment to one another.

Mrs. and Mrs. Leadbetter-Thorp