Man arrested in AP shooting

Alaska State Troopers last week arrested an Anchor Point man following a report about 4:20 a.m. Feb. 10 that a man was at the South Peninsula Hospital Emergency Room with serious but non-life threatening gunshot wounds. Troopers charged James Dixon, 45, with first-degree assault, second-degree assault and four counts of third-degree assaults, all felonies. In addition to shooting a man, troopers said Dixon also shot at a truck with a man, woman and child inside.

According to a complaint by Alaska State Trooper Sgt. Daniel Cox, the victim was at the hospital with shotgun wounds to his face, right arm and both legs. Cox interviewed the victim and said he saw BB-gun size pellets imbedded in the man’s leg. The ER doctor said X-rays also showed pellets in the man’s forehead above his right eye, in his jaw and in the calves of his legs.

The victim told Cox he’d gone to a Valleyside Avenue home in Anchor Point after he saw a woman he was looking for there. When he knocked on the door, the victim said Dixon grabbed a shotgun and fired at him. The victim then ran away to the truck with the couple and child in it. He jumped in the back of the truck so as to not endanger the child in the cab. Dixon shot at the truck and shot out a tire, the man told Cox. The people then drove off. The man denied having a gun.

Later that day, Cox got a search warrant for the Valleyside Avenue home. Dixon answered the door. In an interview, Dixon admitted shooting at the man, but said the woman the shooting victim had come to see had been beaten up. Dixon claimed the man pulled a handgun and he pulled the shotgun on the man. He claimed he fired at the ground and did not aim at the man. Dixon said the shotgun was not at his house and did not know where it was.