Mona Tucker will be missed

We became friends with Mona Tucker when we drove taxis. In those days, Mona worked at the Washboard with her father. Mike tagged her with “Mona the Mocha-Maker,” because she was the daily wake-up call each morning with those fine espressos she made better than anyone. 

She knew what we liked, and she always aimed to please. We loved her. She was like the angel one would expect an angel to be like. Her smile was ever-ready, and we couldn’t imagine her head would hold a bad thought about anyone. We spent a most memorable Easter with Mona and her family. She served us one of the best home-brewed coffee’s we ever had. 

Mona never seemed to age, no matter how many years drifted by, and her radiant eyes and beautiful smile became her trademark. 

Mona must have completed her assignment on Planet Earth (for this moment in time). She must be needed elsewhere in this vast universe of the Creator’s realm, so, all he really did was call one of his angels back home. It was a loving privilege to meet and know Mona Tucker. It was a gift to spend a few short moments in our lives with her. 

To her family who knew her best, certainly her unexpected departure still has not settled in yet, but remember and know the love she carried with her (wherever she went) planted seeds of beauty for others to enjoy. She lifted hearts and healed souls with her goodness to all. 

Thank you for being in our lives, Mona the Mocha-Maker. We knew who you really were all along. 

Have a safe journey home. 

We will always love you. 

Mike and  Maka Fairman