More words equal to less meaning

Speeches! Meaningless words put together to make someone believe what is being said by someone who does not believe what they said. In other words, what you want to believe. But the speaker does not.

One is a polished politician of many years who knows how to use words in a positive way to make you believe, but the speaker does not. The other is a person who is not politically correct, such as his opponent is, so tells it like it is. Or believes it to be.

Politically correct! That is a phrase and an idea that is as phony as the people who are. Don’t tell the truth, but be politcally correct.

One wants to eliminate the Second Amendment, the other does not. Be free and keep the Second Amendment.

The same way with debates! A bunch of meaningless words put into a sentence, or group of, that is attractive to listeners, but do not mean one thing to the speaker. Speaker could care less!

Jim Hadley