Pantry grateful; help still needed

The Homer Community Food Pantry recently received significant financial support from the Community Chest at the Homer Foundation. The Community Chest is intended to provide emergency help and bridge funding to support families with children that are in need of services other than food. The ability to partner with the Homer Foundation is a blessing and will help many. We are grateful to those responsible for this support. We also received a generous distribution from the Jane Little Fund (a donor advised fund of the Homer Foundation.) Many thanks to you for this helpful gift.

Thanks go to the Homer Middle School for collecting canned food with their “Share the Love” food drive in February.  They collected about 1,000 pounds. Wow. It made our shelves look great. We needed everything they collect.  Way to go, kids and teachers.

 Because of the generosity of Carlile Transportation, some 80 seniors who qualify receive a federal commodity food box from Kenai once a month. Our deepest gratitude goes to them, as they brought us some 24,570 pounds last year.

 Kandu the Care O’Saurus is Brad Hughes’ fun food collection invention now in residence at Save-U-More, thanks to manager Mark Hemstreet. With many hours into Kandu, with help from assistant, J. P. Brooks, Mr. Hughes released him into the wild to the wonder of many children.  We so appreciate his brain child and sparkling talent.

 We need fish, meat, protein. We run low at this time of year. We could always use jam or any frozen berries.   Thanks to Theresa, Mary, Vicki and our crew, we were able to make homemade jam recently. We continue to need volunteers, so come when you can and we will put you to work.

Our 100 percent volunteer army thanks you, Homer, for your continued support for our community.  

As Helen Keller said: “Alone we can do so little.
Together we can do so much.”