Parents, research Common Core

Common Core is the curriculum adopted by the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District. While the State of Alaska (as well as three other states) have not adopted this program, the borough has. I would bet that the vast majority of parents do not know what it is. We recently pulled our son out of Homer Middle School due to this. 

Math and English are the two classes currently being taught with Common Core. 

Science is next. It will be under the name of “New Generation Science.” Do you know who funded this curriculum change and who will benefit from it? 

I would strongly suggest that any parent with children currently enrolled in the public school system to research Common Core. University Professor Duke Pesta  has a very informative video on youtube about who started it, funded it, and who benefits from it. No one with an educational background had anything to do with the creation of it. 

Be informed. Know what your kids are being taught and what the end result will be. This will bring you more understanding, as to why your child might be getting  low grades in math, etc. There are reasons why you haven’t been fully informed about Common Core.