Public answers KBBI’s call for help

I’d like to share a positive story about people coming together to support services they consider very important in their lives and communities.  

Year-round, KBBI public radio provides news, community information, music, and most importantly, timely and accurate information during times of crisis and disaster. Providing these services 24/7 involves a considerable investment in technical infrastructure, from satellite dishes to transmitter and tower, and all the equipment in between.

KBBI reached out to the public via a crowdsourcing fundraising campaign to support replacement of our old, and failing, audio control consoles.

Knowing it was only a few months ago listeners showed great support during our spring membership drive.

And the public responded! We received many contributions from the Homer area, as well as from folks in the lower 48. The result is that we have exceeded our online campaign goal of $12,000.

Additional contributions will continue to cover remaining expenses needed to fully complete the project. Equipment is on its way and we hope to have the project completed by July 30.

So, thank you everyone … foundations, businesses and individuals who responded so generously.  And to the video crew who did so much with short notice and no budget, especially: Rudy Multz, Kevin and Spencer Co, and Fred Dickerson.  The video and story is at 

Thank you, everyone. It’s been an exciting and heartfelt experience for KBBI.

David S. Anderson

KBBI General Manager