Reporting on terrible incident shameful and inappropriate

I hope you are satisfied with all the details you allowed published on the article of my father’s terrible incident. I have never read a more shameful and inappropriate article in my entire life. This style of reporting is not only disturbing but very “low” in my opinion. Being that a minor was involved, you would think that it would be necessary to leave certain graphic details out. As if in a small town, news doesn’t travel fast enough without the Homer News.
Another point I would like to make, is that the author turned the story into a gun-control, mental-illness feature — which gives him the center stage to adulterate the story as he pleases. This type of reporting is not only sad but harmful, being that there has not been a full trial, giving the public unconfirmed details. The author chose to put in every presumed detail as much as possible — with the troopers’ word and the comments made by my mother while she was in distress.
It’s just unusual for a reporter to write a article in that fashion, and to see the explicit and sensitivity of the subject ripped open for the world to read. I hope next time your staff writes a story on other crime-related issues you take into account who is involved and where we live, for written statements have a big impact on the readers and the persons involved.
Shlomo Gherman