Road services down with oil prices

Well, I knew it was going to happen. The price of oil went down, then the state and Kenai Peninsula Borough started explaining why the snow plowing wouldn’t be so great. Explicit new schedules for removing snow with all kinds of detail and time tables explaining why they can’t do their jobs.  

Call me stupid, I live at 1,600-foot elevation out East End Road.  Give me a break, I have a nice view.  I’ve been here since 1996. I paid for and had built the borough roads to my property. There has been no snow here the past two years. Now, we get one little 30-inch snow fall and everything breaks down. 

I can’t get the borough to maintain the road since last Sunday. I wouldn’t care; I can take care of myself.  But, I’ve been paying borough taxes for 20 years, and they own the road that I had built with my money.

My favorite part of this is that an individual from East End Road Services told me “I should move to town.” Wow.  The Homer road guy told East End Road Services to not plow or sand and just “let it melt.” Wow, again.

The point of my letter is that, if you are having road problems, let the borough know. They will never do anything if you don’t inform them that you are having a road problem. 

Many voices can make a difference in all things.

Locke Rooney

East End Road, Alaska 

“I’m not moving to town.”