Rotary Club wants to help youth

Since our inception in 2006, the Rotary Club of Homer Downtown has worked to help the youth of Homer not only survive, but thrive, mostly through donations and the channeling of funds to various other organizations offering hands-on help to our community’s young people.

We are still very much committed to this effort, but this year we’ve decided to do more hands-on volunteering ourselves to aid the many nonprofit groups in their efforts. This year we hope to truly live up to Rotary’s motto, “Service above Self.”

We’re inviting nonprofits who work with and for Homer’s children of all ages, to contact us with ideas of how we can help physically. We hope to do at least one service project a month from now until next July. Service can be done during one of our meetings, or at a separate venue. 

In August, we filled backpacks with school supplies for kids whose parents are enrolled in the Homer Food Pantry program. We also packed birthday party supplies into birthday bags for parents in the same program. And then we spent an evening sorting through clothing donations to Big Brothers Big Sisters. 

We are eager to do more. Just let us know what we can do. If it’s something we feel we can physically handle and falls within our mission of service to youth, we’d love to help. You can send letters to us at P.O. Box 57, Homer, or e-mail

Jan O’Meara, president 2014-2015

 Rotary Club of Homer Downtown