Say ‘no’ to heli-skiing

Residents of Homer, I strongly urge you to not allow heli-skiing in Kachemak State Park and Wilderness Park. Other state lands are available for this kind of activity in the area. Helicopters are extremely invasive machines. They disrupt wildlife and other backcountry users and are dangerous. 

State parklands and especially wilderness areas should be off limits to helicopter recreation. It is an elitist activity for the wealthy and causes noise pollution. Residences within the flight paths of the helicopters will be negatively impacted. Wildlife will be disturbed and wolverines have been known to abandon their dens from human activity and noise.

We have been battling this industry in Haines for more than 12 years. Operators get their foot in the door by saying they will cooperate with management and regulation, then they proceed to flaunt the regulations and do as they please. The proponents of this industry have inflated egos with a wild-west cowboy mentality. For the sake of all pubic land users, please do not open up our State Parks to helicopter recreation.

Thom Ely