Sea Glo boutique basks in new Old Town location

An atmosphere of peace and tranquility, a hint of pampering and an interior décor reflecting the skill of local crafters — from cabinetry to fabrics — await clients at Sea Glo Skin Care and Cosmetic Boutique.

Then there’s the warm welcome by owner-esthetician Karen Shealy, receptionist Antonina Martushev and masseuse Melissa Mika.

“I want to be able to offer my clients a really nice getaway,” said Shealy. “There’s something for everyone, whether it’s brow contouring, a quick air brush tan, a facial, lashes, massage. Everybody wants something a little different. My goal is just for clients to leave feeling more beautiful, more relaxed and like they’ve learned something about how to keep their skin healthy.”

After five years in a small, out-of-the-way spot on Pioneer Avenue, Shealy has purchased a condo-designed space and established Sea Glo’s headquarters on the corner of Main Street and Bunnell Avenue in Homer’s Old Town.

Having moved to the area when she was 14, Shealy describes herself as “a Homer girl.” During 10 years as a real estate agent and broker, she was the former owner of Homer Property Management.

“I saw an opportunity to sell that business and after a lot of soul searching, came up with this,” said Shealy of her transition from property management to the world of skin care and cosmetics. “I like working closely with clients and helping people, and I feel passionate about this work. It’s been a huge change.”

At the time, others cautioned Shealy not to give up her broker’s license.

‘”But I had no problem with that. I never intended to go back,” said Shealy, who began by enrolling in a three-month esthetician course of study at MetrOasis Advanced Training Center in Anchorage. Once the training was completed and she became state certified, Shealy “came home and just started diving into any education I could find.”

That, as it turns out, is an ongoing process. 

“I have tried to immerse myself in education on a daily basis,” she said of contact with other estheticians around the country. “I get training through different companies I work with. A large skin-care show in Las Vegas has lots of different continuing education courses. And I take a lot of online courses.”

As described by Shealy, an esthetician is “a skin-care therapist that helps the client achieve healthy skin through noninvasive modalities, working with the outside self. … I like to approach my work like an art, where each client is different, each client requires a custom approach according to what ingredients and modalities I decide to use in the service.”

It’s an art where the canvas changes with each client’s age, skin type, goals and lifestyle.

“I feel like my motto should be ‘come as a client, leave as a friend’ because I really get to know my clients and they leave feeling beautiful and knowing more about keeping their skin healthy and achieving their own beauty,” said Shealy. “We become close through that process.”

Aware of a confusing consumer world where companies make impressive claims about their products, Shealy seeks to “take the headache out of that. You can’t always believe everything you hear in marketing. That’s another part of my business, developing trust and honesty.”

Shealy works with a wholesale manufacturer to create a product line on which she proudly places her “Sea Glo” label. She avoids perfumes and parabens, and seeks out natural ingredients and triple-milled powders that “work beautifully into the skin and feel weightless on the skin,” she said. “It’s a comprehensive line. There are about eight different foundations, mineral and non-mineral products, many different options for different goals to help the client achieve a natural and beautiful look. … It really is the best of science and the best of nature.”

In addition, Shealy can turn eyelashes from skimpy to lush or ho-hum to dramatic      with a process that applies individual lashes with an adhesive.

“I also approach that in a custom way where I assess the client’s eye placement, the shape of the face and eye color, and I customize a design for that person,” said Shealy.  

Additional space at the new location has made it possible for Mika to join Sea Glo. “She offers from Swedish to hot stone massage, body wraps, body scrubs and uses the same type of products I do, natural and the best of science,” said Shealy. 

Appointments with Shealy and Mika can be made by calling or stopping by Sea Glo.  Gift cards are available for any amount and are beautifully packaged for gift-giving.

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