Skywalker Payne turns passion into business venture

“When the audience at ‘On the Wing’ laughed as I began my story, I was surprised,” Skywalker Payne said. “But as the story ended, they were surprised. That event clarified why I’ve decided to devote the rest of my working life to storytelling.

“Businesses, organizations, schools, and families want to inspire and educate people so they can laugh, feel, think and act. Storytelling is the historically proven method to move people. And that’s why I call my business, Story Solutions.”

A professional storyteller for more than 20 years, published writer, and registered nurse, Payne’s services include storytelling and public speaking workshops and coaching, voice-over, and event outreach.

Her writing services, informed by the power of storytelling techniques, include proposals, speeches, grant narratives and articles.

“I believe storytelling is more than a performance art, it’s the thread connecting the varied colorful blocks of people, beliefs, cultures, environments and experiences into the quilt of humanity,” Payne said.

Audiences at Bunnell Street Art Center, Homer Council of the Arts, Alice’s Champagne Palace, Homer Public Library and other venues have enjoyed Payne’s performances.

As a result of a six-week storytelling workshop she conducted at SVT Health &Wellness, she, and Carol Ford, organized Homer’s first Tellabration last November.

Tellabration is an international celebration of storytelling sponsored by the National Storytelling Network.

The event was so well received Payne and Ford reached out to the community to begin Homer Storytellers. Twenty people attended their first meeting and a dedicated group of storytellers meet every third Saturday, sponsored by the Friends of Homer Library.

Payne explained why she feels a storytelling business will benefit the Homer community.

“I’ve seen the healing, educational, and enlightening elements of storytelling bridge differences, overcome misconceptions and create understanding. When people make time to sit in the cherished story circle and really listen to a live person, eyes meet eyes, minds expand, and hearts open.”

To learn more about Story Solutions and its services visit or call 907-229-0187.