Statewide shellfish meeting rescheduled

This comes after the board bumped back its Southeast and Yakutat shellfish meeting

The Alaska Board of Fisheries statewide shellfish meeting is being rescheduled for March 26 through April 2, according to a press release from the state Department of Fish and Game.

This comes after the board bumped its Southeast and Yakutat shellfish meeting back to March 10 through March 22 because of a recent surge in COVID-19 cases across the state.

Board members will consider 45 different proposals and three agenda change requests during the statewide shellfish meeting in late March and early April, which includes fisheries in Cook Inlet.

Attendees will be required to register for the meeting with contact information in the event a COVID outbreak occurs, among other temporary mitigation measures currently under development.

The registration period, which includes the opportunity for public testimony at the meeting, will begin Jan. 21 on the Fish and Game website. Public comment on various proposals is also open until March 10.

The statewide shellfish meeting is open to the public and available to livestream at The meeting will begin in person at the Egan Civic and Convention Center in Anchorage on March 26.

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