Students offer steps to tasty holiday

As in the past, youngsters at Paul Banks Elementary School are 

thinking of others as the holiday season begins. Following are recipes
generously provided by the first-graders in teacher Wendy Todd’s
classroom. In all cases, the recipes have been reproduced as they
were written by the students in order to capture the full flavor
of the season. Since the recipes accommodate gatherings from
two to more than a million, some adjustments may be required. 

Happy holidays.

—- • —-




By Spencer Dye

Serves 12 people

Ingredients: Get 10 cups of spisizs

Instructions: First, you get a pig and cut up the pig. Next, you have to put 10 cups of spisizs on it. Next, you cook the pig up for 10 minutes. Last, cut the pig.



By Henry Wedvik

Serves 4 people

Ingredients: Two cups of budr and brown shrgr

Instructions: First, you go to the store and get turkey. Then go back to your hows. Then you cook it with a pan. Put the turkey on the pan and cook it for 4 mimis. Then eat it. I hope you like it.




By Juliann Techie

Serves 7 or 8 people

Ingredients: 1 tablespoon of butter and 3 teaspoons of shuger, crème ches and salt, spiseis and potatoes.

Instructions: First, you get a pot on the stove and put some potatoes and butter and shuger and spiseis in the pan. Next, you put some crem chese and a little bit of salt in it and put in on the stove for about 20 minutes. Last, you take it out of the pot. Mast it with a spoon and put in on a bolle and aof cors eat it!


Bean Casserole

By Layci Wise

Serves 1,002,311 people

Ingredients: Can of beans, crunche stuff, white sos.

Instructions: First, get a bol. Mix the crunche stuff and beans and white sos. Put it in the uvin for 20:00 and 20:00 and then you eat.



By Dallas Walker

Serves 20 people

Ingredients: Potatoes, shoogr, butter

Instructions: First cut the potatoes. Next, you poot the brown shoogr on. Last, you poot the buttere on.
Have fun eating.




By Marley Malcolm

Serves 2 people

Ingredients: Get a bag of cranberrys and a little bit of shuger

Instructions: First, dry the cranberrys for 1 or 2 days. Next, put some shuger on them. Also, put some sweet stuff on it. Last, you eat it.




By Preston Stanislaw

Serves 7 people

Ingredients: You need chocklit, a lot of bread, and four bananas

Instructions: First, you find a pan. Next, you spray the pan. Then you find bread. Also, you find bananas. Again, you find chocklit. Again, you cooc the banana bread. You cooc the oven for 206 degrees. I hope you injoey!



By Trace Fleenor

Serves 15 people

Ingredients: Corn and milk

Instructions: First you put corn in the doe. Then, you stir it. When the doe is dun you put the doe in the pan. Then you put the pan in the oven.



By Kaleb Worland

Serves 2 people

Ingredients: 1 cup of shugr, 1 cup of sinimin shugr, 1 cup of cranbarres

Instructions: First, you heat the uvin up 26 thgrees. Next, mix up dow and you get shurgr and you get sinimin shugr. Then you mix it up. Add the cranbarres. Get a pan and put all the stuf in. Put the pan in the uvin for 26 minits.



By Beatrix McDonough

Ingredients: Doe, solt, butter, a little shugr, eggs, flour

Instructions: First you get doe and roll it in a boll. Then, you sprinkle solt. Secent, you crac the eggs and put the eggs in the pan. You put a qotre of a cup of shoogr in. Last, you put it in the ovin for 10 minits and 60 degres. AND EAT IT!



By McKenna Carlin

Serves 9 people

Ingredients: 8 breds, 7 sups of flowr, 2 teespoon of water

Instructions: First, put bread, flowr and water in the bole. Then, you put it in the uvin for 19 minis. Put it on the plate and et it.




By Aerial Kepler

Serves 5 people

Ingredients: 10 applies, 3 packs of otmeall, 9 cups of milck

Instructions: Get a pan. Wash the apples. Then, blend the apples and otmeall and milck up. Then, put it in the pan and put it in the uvin for 25 minits. 3000 degreas. Injowea!


Apple pie

By Weston Marley

Serves 7 people

Ingredients: 6 apples, doe,
brown sugar

Instructions: First, you pick apples. Next, you blend the apples. Also, you mis the doe and sugar. Then, you put it in the oven at 300 degrees.


Blueberry pie

By Devon Lauters

Serves 6 people

Ingredients: Solt and pepr and two eggs

Instructions: Put the eggs and solt and pepr and the berrys in the boll. Put the boll in the uvin. Next, kuk the pie. I take the pie out and I put the berrys on the pie.



By Channing Lowney

Serves 10 people

Ingredients: Milk, eggs, and some surger, 2 cups of cholcklit chips, some cornstarch

Instructions: First, put 1 cup of milk in. Next, put some surger and some cornstarch in. Also, put some cholcklit chips in. We micks it and then get the cookies shete out and put the doe on the shete in little circles of doe. Last, put it in the ovuin at 100 agerees for 1 hour and 20 minis.


Pumpkin pie

By Talia Veldstra

Serves 5 people

Ingredients: A pumpkin, 4 eggs, sugr, bowe

Instructions: First, you cut the pumpkin. Next, get the sese awt. Grind the pumpkin. Add eggs and sugr. Naw it is dowee. Make crust with dowe. Put the dowe in the pan. Next, put it in the avin for an awr and fifteen minis.


Raspberry rhubarb crisp

By McKenna Black

Serves 13 people

Ingredients: Raspberries, rhubarb, butrr, oatmel, shugr

Instructions: First, you cut the raspberries and rhubarb up. Next, you put them in a bole and yous a ptato masher and mash them. Put in the butrr and shugr and oetmel. Also, you put in in the ovin. Last, you et it. Engoee.