Suppport for new fire-police station

All this talk about the HERC building. The deed restriction requires the city to use the land for the benefit of the citizens of Homer. Am I missing something? If the site is used for a new firehouse/police station, isn’t that a benefit for said citizens? 

And the awful thought of putting this next to a school, is this really a concern that bothers some people? Children of  this age look up to our firefighters and police with amazement. This day and age of school grounds shootings, I would think as a parent with your child in that school you would feel more of a sense of security. 

Most people don’t ever think about these first responders until you need them. If  you think a gym is more important than a much needed new facility for these people that  put their lives on the line for you, all I can say is I hope you never need their help. But if you do, rest assured they will be there for you. 

I, for one, support this new facility and the men and women that make both departments an added value to our community.

Jack Turner