Tax-Aide volunteers help seniors

The AARP Tax-Aide volunteers are a special group of people who are dedicated to giving their time and expertise to provide a free income tax preparation service for the citizens of Homer year after year. This year, our volunteers e-filed more than 160 returns with a total refund amount of approximately $137,000. The Earned Income Credit Tax was more than $22,000 and the estimated tax preparation fees saved taxpayers more than $30,000. There were 92 citizens in the Homer area age 60 or older who were served by Tax-Aide volunteers.

These volunteers are the people who make the AARP Tax-Aide Program the great success that it has become.  To all the AARP Tax-Aide volunteers: I want to personally thank you for the commitment and dedication you give to the program. The time and attention you give to each Alaskan in the preparation of their tax return is truly amazing.  It is a pleasure and an honor to work with and know these volunteers. 

Thank you for the great job that you do.