Teen apologizes for May incident that prompted school evacuation

To the community of Homer,

I am deeply sorry about the incident that I inadvertently caused on May 16, 2013, at Homer High School.

I never meant to cause alarm or to frighten anyone. I had absolutely no idea that my actions of playing a “role player” type game with a friend prior to school starting could turn out as it did. I never thought for a second that our game “prop” could cause such a commotion and result in a fire drill to evacuate the school. If I knew then what I know now, I would not have played the game at school as I had been doing the past couple years.     

I now realize that people may misperceive innocent conduct and that those misconceptions could have such serious consequences, especially at a school. I now understand how our nation has become frightened from recent terroristic acts in the Lower 48. I should’ve taken those events into account and thought about how if I made that choice what the consequences would be if someone were to look at it the wrong way.

I’m sorry I didn’t think about the reaction that I could cause. I apologize for any harm that I may have caused to anyone. I am also sorry for causing all the commotion between Homer High officials, students and the community.

With my utmost sincerity, 

Zachary Fraley