Telluride Mountainfilm returns to Homer for 20th year

The Feb. 5 viewing will feauture 10 short films

The Telluride Mountainfilm festival returns to Homer for the 20th year on Feb. 5 in the Mariner Theater at Homer High School.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s film festival will only feature one showing, beginning at 7 p.m.

The Feb. 5 viewing will feature 10 short films that debuted Memorial Day weekend at the Telluride Mountainfilm festival in Telluride, Colorado.

“It showcases nonfiction stories about environmental, cultural, adventure and social justice topics,” Mike Illg, City of Homer recreation manager, said. “Along with exceptional documentaries, the festival shares more than films by bringing together world-class athletes, change-makers and visionary artists for a multidimensional celebration of the indomitable spirit.”

“It aims to inspire audiences to action on worthy causes,” Illg continued.

This year’s documentary lineup includes “Golden Age Karate” by Sindha Agha; “Why I Ride” by Catherine Aeppel; “199 Little Heroes: Jésùs from Mexico” by Lina Lužytė; “A Concerto is a Conversation” by Ben Proudfoot and Kris Bowers; “FACETS” by Mike Quigley; “Moving Meditation” by Joseph Fletcher and Eric Johnson; “Lock Down Rock Up” by Nico Hambleton; “Slim Pickins” by Justin Jeffers; “Mighty Waters” by Shannon Vandivier; and “Charge 2” by Anthony Bonello.

The films were chosen by the film festival directors, allowing for a diverse screening of topics. Themes range from finding solace during the pandemic through outdoor activities to social and racial justice to learning new skills and being OK with being bad at them.

“The City of Homer Community Rec’s mission is to provide educational and recreational opportunities to all community members,” Illg said. “This is under our umbrella of inspiring people to be more active, engaged and healthy.”

Tickets cost $10 per person and can be bought at the door the night of the film showing. There is a 300-person capacity for the event and masks are required.

On Thursday, Feb. 3, a free showing will be available for local high school students in the Mariner Theater.

“We’re really excited,” Illg said. “… We’re just hoping to offer something safely here at the school and continue to find positive, awesome, incredible inspirational things in this world to help us become creative and incredible people ourselves.”

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