Thank you: It’s what Thursday is all about

Thank you. Two simple words that make our days when we hear them and make others’ days when we use them. Unlike most things in life, we can’t overdo their use.

Thank you. Two simple words that acknowledge that we recognize that what we have or what we accomplish isn’t, for the most part, because we’re a solo act. It’s because we’re part of something bigger.

Thank you. Two simple words that go way beyond being polite, they’re the very heart of a satisfying life. In fact, using them isn’t just good for our mental health (and that of others), but it’s also good for our physical health.

This Thursday is all about “thank you.” Thanks for the tangible blessings that most of us who live in the United States of America enjoy, but also — even more, perhaps — for the intangibles. 

The Thanksgiving holiday itself offers a no-fail recipe for life. How can you miss when you think of others’ needs before your own, share what you have — even when it doesn’t seem like a lot — and gather the family together for a home-cooked feast? Thank you is the spice that guarantees the success of the recipe.

This week’s Homer News — out a day early so you can get it before Thanksgiving — is filled with reminders of our blessings. For example, there are the stories of the Jansen family in Anchor Point; Trisha Davis, who is back home for the holiday after helping out in Sandy-ravaged New York City; Fran Van Sandt, who is known for her help to others; plus Haven House clients and staff, who practice gratitude even when the going seems tough. 

There’s nothing like laughter to season up thank you. For that, we refer you to the recipes of Paul Banks Elementary School’s first-graders. Then, there are the thank-you letters that we run each week. For us, those letters are the gratitude barometer of the community. If you are far from your own family this holiday, you need only look at our Calendar on page 17 to find an event where you’ll be welcomed to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal.

In keeping with the traditions and spirit of Thanksgiving, the Homer News counts its blessings today — and you are chief among them. Thank you to our readers and advertisers. Without you, we wouldn’t exist.

Thank you to an involved community. It takes a village to raise a child — and to put out a newspaper. Thank you to those people who call and email story ideas, grant us interviews, share information, write letters and point out our errors. Your contributions make the newspaper better.

Thank you to all those elected officials and the employees who work in city, borough, state and federal offices who understand the importance of keeping citizens informed. We couldn’t do our job without you.

Thank you to those who raise questions about what’s going on in government and elsewhere. You help us to remember to keep our eyes and ears open and not just accept the status quo.

Thank you to a caring community. Not a week goes by that there is not some news of some organization or individual doing something to help make this a better place to live.

Thank you to a country and people that continue to value a free press.

As always, we have much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving Day. Our hope is you, too, have a long list of blessings to count.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at the Homer News.