Thanks for Election Day kindness

Being an “election official” is sort of a thankless task. You spend an hour the night before setting up, are then up before the crack of dawn and at the precinct by 6 a.m. You barely have time to wolf down a thrown-together lunch at 4, close the doors at 8 and then spend another hour, close to two, counting, dismantling, repackaging, and sweeping up. You get home close to 10, so wound up from the day you can’t sleep. But you comfort yourself with the thought that you’ve done something important, and you have. …. and then there are special moments.

At the Kachemak Community Center precinct this past Tuesday we had one of those special moments. Someone, some anonymous someone, had the folks at The Bagel Shop deliver fresh bagels along with three different kinds of cream cheese spread to those of us working the election. What an unexpected and thoughtful surprise.

Thank you, whoever you are. Your kindness won’t soon be forgotten by any one of the five of us.

Roni Overway