Thanks for interviews

• I would like to publicly thank Jessie Cashman, human resource director of South Peninsula Hospital, for the time she spent to come to Voznesenka and give me and my classmates’ interviews. I got to experience what an interview feels like and learned new things about South Peninsula Hospital such as what jobs are available and what someone must do to get a job. We greatly appreciate her support and involvement in our education.
Savely Kalugin and Kirick Reutov

• I would like to publicly thank Gary Squires, the boss of Redden Marine, aka Kachemak Gear Shed, for coming down to Voznesenka School and letting the Russian juniors and seniors experience job interviews. We are grateful for your support of our education.
Vasilisa Basargin

• I would like to publicly thank Jessie Ryan for coming out to Voznesenka School and conducting job interviews. I know that she is a very busy employee of the Department of Fish and Game, and I would like to thank her for giving up some of her precious time to help out me and my peers to prepare for our future. We will need these skills to interview for a job that we are going to want to do for the rest of our lives. Without this practice, I would not know what or how I would feel when I’m going into a job interview. Thanks to her, I do know how it will feel, and what I should prepare for. Thank you kindly.
Deanese Polushkin