Thieves steal from community

How utterly discouraging: Our garden has been robbed again. A few weeks back the president of Homer Emblem Club wrote to tell the community that plants had been removed twice from our garden at the top of the hill lookout area, and to ask for  help in keeping an eye out. We did receive several helpful responses and thank those that contacted us. 

So, the saddest part of this story is that now it’s happened again. Sometime between Friday evening. June 20, and Saturday afternoon, June 21, more plants went missing. 

Why would anyone be doing this? These are community gardens — each one taken care of by a volunteer organization. We pay for the plants, we tend them and do it purely for the benefit of the community, so stop it already. What the heck are you thinking? Visitors and locals alike love to stop at the top of the hill, enjoy the wonderful view and just enjoy the beauty of the gardens. So stop with the stealing already.

Thanks for letting me rant a bit. 

A ticked off gardener, 

Shari Daugherty