Time to elect fiscal conservatives to seats on Homer City Council

I don’t know about you, but as for me, I am fed up with our socialist city council. Budget time — isn’t it great? —  and we are getting the same song and dance as last year from our socialist council members. 

We have a budget shortfall so we need to raise your taxes or raise fees for services provided and if you don’t agree with that they threaten to take away police and fire, or they say we are a first class city so we really are not obligated to provide police and fire protection. 

They also claim that if we do not pay taxes on our food that we purchase we will not be able to provide essential services because the city is losing almost a million a year, but then they spend a million on designing a public safety building that may or may not be built, and will cost $30 million to build and then we have to pay to maintain. 

We also now have more than a million dollars worth of bathrooms soon to be over $1.25 million worth of bathrooms after the one that is currently under construction is finished. 

Oh, but we have a budget shortfall and you citizens need to pay more in taxes. Where does it end? 

I for one say it needs to end now and if you agree get to the ballot boxes and let’s clean out these socialist council members and replace them with conservative members who will find solutions not just threaten us.

Corbin Arno