Time to put some wind in our sails

I believe Republicans in today’s House and Senate are in for a rude awakening. For the sake of our country, our children’s and grandchildren’s future, be a part of pouring cold water on their face on Election Day in November. Re-elect Sen. Mark Begich and send the Koch brothers packing.

Also, before Don Young gives up his ghost help him to find some humility. Elect Forrest Dunbar to the House of Representatives. Be a part of moving our future forward instead of backward: flip the House. What a wonderful rustle it would create of — finally — wind in our sails.  

It’s possible. Can you imagine that sound of wind in our sails? Oh, how we desperately need a bit of wind in our sails. Our forefathers and foremothers and posterity are counting on us that we get some wind in our sails for the sake of our American story. 

At election time, we’re at the door into our future. Stepping through, how I pray for the sweet sound of a delivering rustle. 

Tim O’Leary