TimeBank helps make connections

I would like to express appreciation for the Homer TimeBank. I have been involved last summer and this summer and met many wonderful people at plerk (play/work) parties — such as when we swept HCOA’s parking lot, and helped Nomad Shelter and Haven House relocate. I have house/pet sat, built flowerbeds, done housekeeping, made flyers, split wood, mowed lawns, all of which helped my neighbors, at no dollar cost to them.

Others have helped me with temporary housing and laundry facilities — all done trading time credits.

I will be able to store my camper van again all winter, in exchange for time credits, saving quite a bit in storage fees. I have made connections through the time bank that have helped me find paid work, make friends and become an  active member of the community. 

There are plans in the works to combine the Homer and Anchorage TimeBanks, as well as for a TimeBank information area in K-Bay Coffee Shop with a computer and TimeBank notice board. Until then, you can visit the Homer TimeBank website at aha.timebanks.org to learn more and get involved. 

Mary Hayhoe